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Create Professional Quality
MiniSites And eCovers Within Minutes – With This Easy To Use MiniSite Design System

From: Jeremy Gislason
Re: Easy, Affordable Mini-Site Design system

Dear Friend,

If you want to start creating professional quality graphics and Mini-Sites for all your digital products…AND you want to be able to do this within the next few minutes, without wasting time or spending weeks learning Photoshop and basic design principles – Instant Graphics Pro is for you.

Instant Graphics Pro is a simple Mini-Site design system that anyone can use, which allows regular people without any Photoshop or design experience to create stunning, professional quality graphics within minutes…

Use Instant Graphics Pro to create graphics just like these:

Click on each sample for larger view

While other do-it-yourself design programs available today offer only the action scripts that will allow you to compile an eCover from 2D to 3D, or simply give you a bunch of cheaply designed Mini-Site templates you can stick your name on…

Instant Graphics Pro will enable you to:

    Create professional looking eCover designs

    Avoid $100s in designers fees every time you need new eCover or Mini-Site graphics

    Compile 2D designs into realistic looking 3D eCovers in seconds (it only take one click of the mouse)

    Create professional quality graphics any time you like! No waiting 3 – 5 days for a busy graphic designer, create your graphics in minutes!

    Create beautiful and original header graphics

    Create as many different eCovers and Mini-Sites as you want without having to think about paying designers fees, or working around their busy schedule.

    Create professional quality Mini Sites complete with: headers, footers, eCovers, Order buttons, background patterns and more.

    Become a graphic designer and charge others hundreds of dollars for the graphics you make!

You’ll be able to do all this, plus much, much more thanks to everything you get as a part of the Instant Graphics Pro design system…

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get:

These easy to use action scripts will allow you to compile 2D cover designs into realistic looking 3D eCovers that will give your digital product(s) that crisp, polished, professional look you’re after!

Here’s how these action scripts work:

- You start off with a blank canvas

- Fill up the canvas with your own design

- Click “Compile

- Watch as 2D design transforms into 3D

Now here are the 7 professional eCover action scripts you’ll get:

Use these professionally designed Header and Footer graphics to give your sales page a more professional look by sticking them at the very top and bottom of your website…

All you have to do is:

Put the name of your website / product on the Header and Footer you like:

And simply upload them to your website:

Here’s just a small sample of the Header and Footer graphics you’ll get:

Important: Every single one of the header and footer graphics in the Instant Graphics Pro package comes with PSD source files – which means you’ll be able to change and customize these headers in any way you like!

Draw attention to your payment / download link by using an attention grabbing Order Button on your sales page. Here’s the difference a professionally designed Order Button can make…


Here is a sample of the Order Buttons you’ll get:

Backgrounds: Make your sales page complete by adding a professional background to your mini-site.

Everything from opening the action scripts to adding your product / website name to the Header graphics explained Step-By-Step with easy to understand instructions and large screen shots :)

As you can see, the Instant Graphics Pro package is not some cheap little eCover design software that turns out ugly and unprofessional looking eCovers, it’s much, much more than that.

This package is something that will enable you to create unlimited professional grade eCover and Mini-Site graphics without having to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring graphic designers to do it for you.

But the best is yet to come…

You see, my goal when creating Instant Graphics Pro was: to not only enable regular people with no design experience to create their own professional grade graphics, but make my system affordable enough to make it an absolute no-brainer for anyone in need of professional eCover and Mini-Site graphics.

And now I’m happy to say that I’ve accomplished my goal, because…

Instant Graphics Pro Will Cost You Less Than Having Just 1 eCover Created By A Professional Graphic Designer!

Yup, that’s not a typo. You get the ability to create unlimited professional quality eCover and Mini-Site graphics for less than the price of having just 1 eCover designed for you! (But enough about the price for now, we’ll get back to it in a few minutes)


WOW! Your logo boasts that your graphics package is "the fast and easy way to design your own mini site graphics" and you are RIGHT! I am totally blown away by this package. It's jam-packed with an endless supply of all the graphics one would need to get started making mini sites. But...it's even better than that.

Your graphics package truly puts the power of graphics into the hands of anyone who wants to do it own their own. The action scripts you've included make it super easy for any dummy to quickly and easily create their own cover art. I LOVE IT!!!

On top of it all, you even provide excellent tutorials to help guide beginners through the entire process. To sum it up with one word -AWESOME!

Your price of $67 is a whopper of a deal. You could definitely charge more for this package...and it would still be worth every cent. This is one amazing deal!

Hope Wilbanks

"Not being an expert in Photoshop, I was spending lots of money on graphics and stuffs. But my expenditure became profits after be introduced to Instant Graphics Pro. Not only they bring life to my products, it makes me look more profession than ever!"

Erwin Tan

I just finished looking over your Instant Graphics Package. It is a great package that is suitable for both Mac and PC, Something you do not find with a lot of other graphic packages. The tutorials are very well done, and easy to follow. I recommend this package to anyone looking for new graphics!

Jeremy Gatica

Now I’ve got more great news to tell you about…

As a part of the Instant Graphics Pro package you already get 7 Professional eCover Actions Scripts, 40 Professional Header and Footer graphics and 15 Attention Grabbing Order / Download Buttons PLUS 15 Backgrounds – which is all you need to create professional eCover and Mini-Site graphics.

But you see, I’ve put so much hard work and time into this package that I really, REALLY want to see it do well.

So along with the Action Scripts, Headers & Footers and Order Buttons & Backgrounds you’ll also get:

15 Professionally Designed Tables – Yours FREE

Use these crisp, professionally designed tables to include testimonials and important messages on your sales page!

Alright, now let’s recap…

I’ve spent over 3 months working hard and developing the Instant Graphics Pro package – which will allow you to quickly and easily create your very own professional eCover and Mini-Site graphics (as many as you want) WITHOUT having to ever spend your money on a graphic designer again!

This incredible package comes complete with:

7 eCover Action Scripts:

40 Professional Header And Footer Combos:

15 Eye Catching Order Buttons:

15 Backgrounds:

Professionally Designed Tables:


Only $97.00 $67

That’s right, just as I promised before: you get the full Instant Graphics Pro package for less than what it would cost you to have just 1 eCover or Header designed for you!

Other graphic design packages sell for $97 to over $200, and most only include a few action scripts to creating eCovers. With Instant Graphics Pro you get 7 top notch professional grade eCover action scripts PLUS everything else you need to create crisp, polished, stunning looking mini-sites when ever you like…

All for just $67!

But I must warn you, this package can easily sell for $97 - $197. And once it gets enough sales, I will begin testing it at higher prices (I’ be stupid not to). But for now (while this package is new), all that matters to me is that my package does well…

So This Is Your Chance To Get Instant Graphics Pro
At Its Lowest Possible Price!

The ability to create an unlimited amount of professional grade eCover and Mini-Site graphics, never having to spend money on a graphic designer ever again, a very affordable price, PLUS one more great reason to get your hands on the Instant Graphics Pro package right now…

It’s risk free!

Here Is My RISK FREE, 100% Money Back Guarantee To You:


Download the Instant Graphics Pro package right now. Look it over, design a few eCovers and Mini-Sites, try it out and if you are NOT satisfied with the work you are creating or believe the $67  you paid was not worth it – send me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I will personally refund your money. It’s that simple.


Now if you see the value in never have to spend money on a graphic designer again. And you understand that at $67, this is a great bargain AND you realize that you have absolutely nothing to lose thanks to my 100% money back guarantee…

Than all that’s left for you to do is:

Important: once you place your order you will gain instant access to the Instant Graphics Pro package. So you can get started on creating your first professional eCover and Mini-Site graphics just a few minutes from now!

Thank You,
Jeremy Gislason

PS: Download Instant Graphics Pro right now, and avoid spending hundreds of dollars in designers fees and waiting 48+ hours every time you need a design in the future.

PPS: If you’re having doubts about making an investment into Instant Graphics Pro, Remember: this package currently costs less than 1 eCover or Header design. And Unlike other graphic design products, it includes everything you need to create professional looking Mini-Site graphics along with 7 eCover Action Scripts – all for just $67! (Unlike other packages which sell for $97 and up)

NOTE: To use most of the graphics included in this package you'll need Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher. If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, I'll let you know where you can get a free trial copy of the latest version.

These actions and templates are an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to create their own eCovers or for the professional designer who's looking to add more quality photoshop actions to their arsenal. The included manuals are clear and easily followed so even a novice can install and use the scripts. So too the templates that have some nicely produced quality headers that anyone can quickly and easily add their own text to. At the price these scripts and templates are being offered, I'll certainly be adding the them to my collection.


I am absolutely speechless after viewing the InstantGraphicsPro package!

I have designed some of my header graphics for my website using Adobe Photoshop before, but for the rest I had to pay a fortune to graphic designers to do for me (I didn't know how). Now I can design and create my own -literally as quickly and easily as just click, drag and drop. With this package I don't have to worry any longer to spend a fortune on graphics designers!

Thanks a million for creating this wonderful solution!

Mada Hauptfleisch

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